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Contact Info View information about requesting a Nebraska criminal history report by mail or in person. Scrapie exposed sheep imported for breeding purposes shall include the results of an official genotype test on, or attached to, the permit, and shall be QR or RR at codon ; The official identification shall be recorded on the CVI. Importers with questions regarding feeder swine identification should call the office at for clarification. Free Search Search for Nebraska professional and occupational license information, including medical, financial and education licenses. Free Directory Links to state and local court records, general Nebraska court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Nebraska. Free Search Nebraska statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. Free Search View Nebraska election results including general elections, primary elections, candidate filing list and election calendar. The CVI shall be valid for thirty 30 days from the date of examination, unless otherwise stated by the Department, and is valid for no more than one 1 movement into the state, with one 1 copy accompanying the animals to their Nebraska destination, and one 1 copy forwarded to the state of origin. Such cattle will be placed under a quarantine until moved to slaughter. To minimize the pain and discomfort in the first sexual intercourse, people can pay more attention to every sensation of the body and do things slowly, focusing on kissing, touching and caressing the partner. In addition to those general requirements contained in this section, all importers of cattle, camelids including camels, llamas, alpaca, etc.

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    The official identification number shall be recorded on the CVI;


    With practice, however, a possible discomfort can be solved. The permit number shall be recorded on the CVI, and such permit shall be valid for one 1 shipment only.


    The telephone number is This authorization shall state the conditions under which the movement may be made.


    In addition to those general requirements contained in 23 NAC and 23 NAC herein, cattle which have lived any part of their lives in Canada may enter the state provided they are accompanied by a CVI and the following requirements are met: Cattle which originate from a herd in a nonaccredited state or zone are prohibited from being imported into the state of Nebraska, except when being moved directly to a federally recognized slaughter establishment.


    This authorization shall state the conditions under which the movement may be made.


    Importers with questions regarding feeder swine identification should call the office at for clarification.