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He felt sure that this would be put right in a future, more enlightened time, which, alas, at his age he was unlikely to see come about. Which is going to be the worst hour of her life. On an impulse, she hitched up her skirt, then turned and looked over her shoulder at the mirror. A plain, homely girl, she enjoyed a good gossip. Pour into zip lock bag. Of course; an officer of the Queen, naturally he would have used corporal discipline. Tell her to be bent over and ready for anal sex when you get home. You have the whole staircase to yourself, Leo. She closed her eyes. Tell her she may use the restroom after she receives with your belt. She opened it impatiently and, after rummaging for a minute, yanked out the black miniskirt that her longsuffering mother had once vainly tried to talk her into wearing as part of her matriculation subfusc it was actually a hand-me-down from a glamorous cousin.

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