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    Even though Tony considered that he might have pushed things too far, he was intent on carrying through this latest test that he'd devised for his lovely, young neighbour. Her thoughts, for a moment, were of shame and contrition, even disgust at what she was doing behind her husband's back


    Tony took her head in his hands, while Yvonne reached her arms back to hold onto his hips. It was true that Yvonne was feeling very sexy once more, and her embarrassment had been slightly, although not completely, stifled.


    Tony knelt on the carpet at her feet.


    He picked up the magazine, not covered and hidden inside a bag, but open for her to see. He opened the first trunk and quickly closed it up again when he saw that it was mainly linen and odds and ends.


    Tony let her chatter away, just making a comment or asking a question here and there to keep her going. He thrilled to look down and see his tangled mass of pubic hair and his balls pressed close to the lovely, soft, white, pure flesh of Yvonne's thighs and the cheeks of her bum.


    Her thoughts, for a moment, were of shame and contrition, even disgust at what she was doing behind her husband's back


    Yvonne cried genuine loving tears on his departure, but then had to get herself organised to go off to her own job. Her pussy felt sensational.