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He seems to be a successor to the Trashcan Man from The Stand , as both were followers of Flagg who repeated the mantra "My life for you" in regard to their loyalty to him. He is shown to have a lean build with short, black hair. After Roland's challenge, Cort laid in his cabin for a week in a coma, being tended by two nurses. Last but not least, kindly excuse me if there is any inadvertent omission of names of people helping out at the event. However, Odetta chooses to embrace Detta, and the personalities are integrated into a single, far more balanced individual, known as Susannah Dean, Eddie's wife, although they were never formally married. The gland contains a strongly scented pheromone , used to mark its home range. When Odetta was five, Mort dropped a brick on her head which led to the emergence of her multiple personalities ; he also pushed Odetta in front of a subway car when she was a teenager neither knowing nor caring that she was a previous victim of his cruelty. Ironically, though Susannah never learns this, she is indirectly responsible for his death, as it is her bullet that breaks the glass out of his window, causing it to be there for him to step on. He is a man who lacks imagination, and this is one of the stated reasons for his survival against all odds: When he finally appears in The Dark Tower, he is years old, with a fiery, mischievous, and extremely likable character. She has no problem selling Susan for money.

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    The gunslinger and the boy travel together in pursuit of the Man in Black, developing a strong bond along the way. Spain, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus Mountains still have virgin forest areas that are not only home to sizable deer populations but also for other animals that were once abundant such as the wisent, Eurasian lynx , Iberian lynx , wolves , and brown bears.


    Roland helps Eddie fight off a gang of mobsters for whom he was transporting the cocaine, but not before Eddie discovers that Henry has died from an overdose of heroin in the company of the aforementioned mobsters after which the mobsters decide to chop off Henry's head.


    Not to forget also to thank our generous sponsors for the prizes and tableful of door gifts: In later volumes, it is revealed that Tower owns the lot containing the rose, and is being pressured by mobsters to sell the property to the Sombra Corporation.


    He was left for dead, but survived, the bullet having only grazed his skull and torn off a flap of skin.


    He is described as being tall, overweight, and balding.


    She owned a 6 legged mutant cat called Musty and a venomous snake called Ermot. Adams' Shardik, like King's, is a giant bear.


    Oy is killed in the last Dark Tower book. Jack Mort[ edit ] Jack Mort whose name means "Death" in French is a fictional character who makes a brief appearance in The Gunslinger , and a more detailed appearance in The Drawing of the Three.