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My Pretty Step Mom And The Stories

Sexy seduction stories. Seduction Of Sexy Mother By Son.

Sexy seduction stories

Her excitement showed as they glistened in the reflected light from the slick moisture covering them. The heat was like an oven and she was so slick, my body just glided in. My mother at that! Meanwhile, I was nervous as hell, just trying to figure out what was happening here. By now Mom was completely involved in the movie so she just nodded ok. And all the time she was bitching, I was seeing so much of her cleavage that I was having trouble keeping my cock from bursting my pants. She rolled her eyes. Her heeled slippers still stayed on her, despite all the commotion. His face now pressed into her groin area and he was blowing warm air across her pussy. Also of note is Archnemon at least in human form; her spider form, not so much , and Ranamon until she slide-evolves into Calmaramon.

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    Mom was now in denial and just trying to make the proper responses, but the responses she really was getting were from her body and she could no longer control them. He gaped at her.


    At first she gasped and gurgled and half-yelped, and I thought I was going to have to pull my cousin away from her and smack him or something.


    So, I played the protective son and put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her tight into my side. Mother squealed as I stuck it in her, and her eyes popped open.


    Then I saw my cousin come up behind Mom and motion for me to pull her down on me.


    She had carelessly not tied the belt on her robe.


    I pulled down her nightgown strap and I could not resist sucking her breasts again, despite her unconscious state.


    Mike and I sat on either side of her.


    First, my cousin told me he was horny, and that one of the middle-aged women at the party would be a cinch piece of ass.


    I think Mom was a little relieved, thinking that Mike would fall asleep and she could enjoy the movie without him observing her reactions.


    I got so turned on watching my mother being humped that I had my own cock in my hand and was whacking away at it before I even realized what I was doing.