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Syringe sex

Prior to the inception of this service, an estimated Many also work to reduce other harms associated with injecting drug use by providing: Despite progress in some countries, Afghanistan, India and Thailand have reported a decline in the number of programmes since The strong improvement for hepatitis B may be entirely attributed to the introduction of hepatitis B vaccination11 SOU For example, it is the preferred method of delivery in Haryana, India , where a peer-led outreach programme provides one-to-one and group education sessions for people who inject drugs and has successfully reduced needle-sharing and other risky behaviour. But denying injection drug users clean injection equipment does nothing to lessen or discourage their drug use—it only makes another public health crisis, such as another HIV outbreak and the undeterred expansion of HCV, more likely. Fixed sites Fixed sites are typically located where the drugs are bought and sold openly. NSPs in Asia are delivered in a number of ways. Some sell needles and syringes directly to people, while others exchange harm reduction kits for vouchers. When injecting heroin or prescription opioids is seen as a lapse of morals and willpower, any concession to this practice by dispensing clean syringes is seen as condoning an immoral and illegal behavior. Syringe exchange, as part of a comprehensive prevention program, minimizes the risks injection drug users will contract HIV or hepatitis C HCV infection or spread them to other people in the community. Lifetime Cost of HIV Treatment Needle exchange programs can "prevent significant numbers of [HIV] infections among clients of the programs, their drug and sex partners and their offspring.

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    Police Targeting of Legal Syringe Service Programs "We found that the odds of being arrested or cited for drug paraphernalia in a 6-month period were significantly higher for clients of legal SEPs [syringe exchange programs] when compared to clients of illegal SEPs. NSPs in Asia are delivered in a number of ways.


    Other components of multi-component HIV prevention programs may include outreach, education in risk reduction, HIV voluntary counseling and testing, condom distribution, distribution of bleach and education on needle disinfection, and referrals to substance abuse treatment and other health and social services. Unfortunately, recent research has shown that rural areas are very poorly served by syringe service programs compared to urban settings, even though about half of injection drug users are rural.


    However, even where available, these services fall short of need. This has been attributed to a reduction in funding.


    Although both illegal and legal SEPs operate in neighborhoods with heavy drug use and drug sales, policing strategies may be heavily concentrated around the known presence of a legal SEP. Fifty-four percent of participants reported receiving fewer syringes than their number of injections per month.