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Repeated attempts to free Karai by Leonardo ultimately succeed, but the Shredder captures Karai again and uses her as bait to kill the Hamato Clan. But she is later shown eavesdropping on the group by hiding behind a billboard and overhears the group gossiping about her, becoming intrigued by their conversation. Raphael, Donatello, Casey, April and the rest of the New York's populace are restored back to normal after Mikey fatally impales Dracula, and the epidemic is lifted. After Tiger Claw, who later returns to the reality, enlists her in a devious scheme to find the Turtles' lair, Karai succeeds in deceiving April, Donnie and Leo by pretending to trust them about Splinter. Although Splinter and the Turtles eventually fight off Kraang Sub-Prime, most of their lair is trashed, forcing them to abandon it. As for her character, I found her annoying at many times. They are plotting to use the mutagen along with a set of Kraang-like psychic powers that April was born with to annihilate mankind and to convert the Earth and all it's life forms into a planet another Dimension X in order effectively trans-mutate the human race into fellow Kraang that will be suitable for their race. After unsuccessfully thwarting Savanti from awakening a powerful mummy pharaoh from it's tomb, they travel to Transylvania where Savanti awakens Count Dracula from his tomb and allies himself with the vampire lord, who returns the favor by turning Vulko a Romanian traveler into a werewolf and Raphael progressively turns into a vampire, both of the vampirized victims escape to Germany where Savanti recruits Frankenstein's monster and plans to unleash his creatures on 21st century New York City, where the ultimate monster mayhem showdown occurs. Over the next few weeks, the Turtles, April and Casey scour the city in search of Serpent Karai in the hopes of mutating her back to normal, but their search turns up nothing. Going back to the turtles, I think that they had nailed them and captured everything that we loved about them, the movie is worth watching because of them.

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    Having finally reconciled with the Turtles, April once again decides to seek shelter at their lair to undergo some more training with Splinter, while the Turtles continue searching for the missing mutagen but also be on the lookout for the Foot army. Victor Falco, also known as 'The Rat King', who, along with having an army of New York rats, tried to brainwash Splinter into joining the dark side.


    However, in fact the movie often negates the fact that the turtles are the main subject in this movie, it circles it's story mostly around April O'Neil.


    The Turtles also encounter and defeat Dr.


    Using a special mutagen formula, Oroku Saki recuperates and becomes the Super Shredder in order to take back control of the Foot Clan from Karai, finish off Splinter and the Turtles, and even goes far enough to inject more unstable mutagen into himself. Season 3 The group takes refuge at the O'Neil family's summer home upstate in Northampton , Massachusetts in order to recuperate from their loss at the hands of the Kraang and the Foot Clan.


    A falling-out between Leo and Donnie jeopardizes the mission when Leonardo is accidentally and mistakenly separated from the rest of the team as more Kraang continue to invade, leading Donnie to lead. Eventually Turtles are successful with thwarting this Kraang plot.


    After the Turtles rescue Kirby, the Kraang invade New York , but the Turtles and April emerge triumphant when they are able to send the Technodrome crashing into the sea the Atlantic Ocean. Saki leaves the dojo after his hair burns off from the fire and kidnaps Yoshi and Shen's baby daughter Miwa, vowing to raise her as Karai and leaving Yoshi to die.